Why you should Choose an Environ Air Purifier

Owners of true solvent wide format printers can significantly reduce airborne solvents during and after the printing process and improve air quality by employing an Environ Air™ purification system. The key features of Environ Air™ are flexibility and expandability. Modular design allows the number and type of filters (chemical or dust) to be changed or upgraded as the users’ needs change, for example if a larger printer is purchased requiring additional filtration, another chemical filter can simply be added to the system. This overcomes the costly process of upgrading to an entirely new unit.

All models can operate freestanding in a room or ducted directly to equipment. Environ Air™ offers custom duct size attachment fittings, in addition to standard sizes. Engineered and manufactured in Australia utilising the highest quality components, Environ Air™ systems are also competitively priced.