E20 Residential Air Purifier from EnvironAir

InovaAir® E20 Residential Air Purifier - Australia's leading residential air purifier for serious dust, chemical and allergen removal for relief from serious allergies and chemical sensitivities.

Engineered for performance:

Manufactured in Australia to rigorous medical grade specifications and suitable for both home and office, the EnvironAir E20 residential air purifier is designed for those suffering from serious allergies, chemical sensitivities where indoor air quality is of concern.

E20 Key Features

  • Actual 99.97% (Medical Grade) efficiency @ 0.3 microns HEPA air filter. While the majority of HEPA air filters on the market claim 99.97% efficiency very few come close to achieving this because their filters fail to seal properly because they are not built to Medical Grade HEPA standards. Filters constructed from cardboard, plastic or polystyrene foam allow air to pass around the filter because they do not have the strength or integrity to create an airtight seal, even with a gasket. In keeping with Medical Grade standards, InovaAir air purifiers only use steel in the filter housing construction.
  • High-Flow™ air diffuser on the front of the air purifier creates a unique filtered airflow pattern throughout the entire area, preventing air being re-filtered before supplying the room. The air diffuser also allows you to direct air to a particular area in your home or office.
  • Replacement filters are easily installed by simply unlatching stainless steel latches and removing the top of the unit.

EnvironAir E20 Residential Air Purifier Specifications*

    • E20 Residential air purifier has a large initial stage wrap-around pre-filter over 1 metre in length (can be washed or vacuumed)
    • 360° intake cylindrical Medical Grade HEPA filter: actual 99.97% efficiency @ 0.3 microns. Efficient to 0.1 microns. Surface area 5.5m2 with a filter service life of approximately 3 years.
    • E20 Residential air purifier filter housings are constructed from Australian zinc coated steel and are completely free of cardboard, plastic or polystyrene foam and are designed for those suffering from serious allergies, chemical sensitivities.
  • CHEMICAL, ODOUR AND GAS FILTRATION. 7 kilogram activated carbon filter provides the most effective removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The large quantity of activated carbon results in high efficiency removal of VOCs, smoke, odours and other chemical air pollutants. The service life of the HEPA air filter is up to 3 years.
  • ULTRA QUIET OPERATION. High quality German manufactured centrifugal fan motor designed for quiet continuous 24 hour operation and energy efficiency.
  • REPLACEMENT FILTER ACCESS. Stainless steel latches on either side of the home air purifier simply unlatch to allow quick and easy filter changes.
  • ELECTRICAL POWER SUPPLY. 240Volt, 50Hertz, 2.5 metre power cord.
  • ENERGY CONSUMPTION. Speed 1: 28 Watts; Speed 2: 45 Watts; Speed 3: 85 Watts.
  • PURE AIR DELIVERY. Speed 1: 80m3 per hour, Speed 2: 150m3/h, Speed 3: 500m3/h.
  • PURIFIER COVERAGE AREA. Filters areas up to 100 square metres.
  • CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL. Precision fabricated from Australian zinc coated steel.
  • FINISH. Durable and non-toxic attractive light grey semi-gloss powder coating.
  • WARRANTY. Full 3 years parts and labour (excluding consumables). Note: some manufacturers of home air purifiers void the warranty if a customer does not replace filters at specified intervals (regardless of use). EnvironAir’s warranty is not dependent on filter changes.
  • AIR DISCHARGE/INTAKE. The unique Hi-Flow™ air diffuser on the front of the E20 air purifier creates an airflow pattern dispersing filtered air throughout the entire room in your home or your office, not just around the air purifier where it can be re-filtered before it is of benefit. The air intake at the rear of the E20 draws polluted air from close to ground level and well away from where filtered air is being emmitted.
  • PORTABLE. Castors allow for portability around the home.
  • WEIGHT. 25.5 kilograms (fully assembled) 15.5 kilograms (without filters)
  • DIMENSIONS. 427mm (depth) x 411 (width) x 600mm (height).

*Technical specifications of the E20 residential air purifier may be subject to change without prior notice


"Thanks for the prompt delivery of our E20 air purifier, we are thrilled with it. The E20 is the first one we have purchased that actually improves air quality and is whisper quiet. This has made a huge difference to our youngest sons health, who suffers from airborne allergies and chemical sensitivities. We would like to express our thanks, especially for the improvement in our sons quality of life." P. Barnes. Melbourne