Commercial Air Purifiers
All Environ Air systems are offered with a choice of high capacity HEPA or activated carbon filters depending upon the user's requirements.    



 Environ Air E300  Environ Air E400 / 400B
 Environ Air E600

Chemical Removal Applications             

Activated carbon filter media is utilised in volatile organic compound (VOC), fume and odour removal. Environ Air manufactures systems with high capacity activated carbon filters for all applications and offer some of the highest quantities of activated carbon per filter on the market, resulting in superior performance and cost savings.    

Fine Dust Particulate Removal  

Environ Air offers a range of systems with High Efficiency Particle Arrestance filters (HEPA) with efficiency of >99.97% @ 0.3 microns. These are commonly used to create cleanroom environments in medical and laboratory settings. Environ systems can be configured to positively or negatively pressurise an area to prevent the infiltration of contaminants. HEPA filters are also used in other critical environments, including computer server rooms; work environments where hazardous dust is generated; and for bacteria, virus and mould spore removal etc.